Sunday, May 21, 2006

Interviewing TechEd HOL Developers

I'm involved in an exciting project that's debuting in the TLC (Technical Learning Center) at TechEd06. It's a pilot program, designed to give attendees a glimpse into the Hands On Labs before they go through the lab. As an attendee sits down at the HOL area in a particular track, many of the HOLs will have short audio interviews available for attendees to listen to. These will allow the lab developers, in their own words, to communicate what their particular lab is all about.

This has been a great on going process. I've gotten the chance to interview many developers and share in their excitement about the labs they've developed. The time that they've spent on developing quality labs that engage, educate, and excite the user is incredible.

As I continue to interview more lab developers, my excitement over the HOLs and vast amount of technical knowledge that will be communicated at TechEd06 grows. It's really amazing to think that this event gathers the brightest technical minds together, so that they can all connect and discuss current and up-coming Microsoft technology.

If you're coming to TechEd this year, you're in for a real treat. A solid week where you'll get to immerse yourself in people that share your common interests and passion. It'll be a time where you'll learn, connect, and grow, while also enjoying yourself and peers!

TechEd is just two weeks away, see you there!


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