Friday, May 26, 2006

TechEd Factoids

Curious about TechEd and the numbers behind it? Here are some fun facts about TechEd 2006. It really puts into perspective the sheer size of the event and all it takes to bring a successful event like TechEd together.

Expected number of attendees – Over 11,000

Number of sessions:
  • 480 breakouts
  • 300 Chalk Talks
  • 8 Strategic Briefings
  • 115 Hands on Labs
  • 40 Birds of a Feather
  • 450 Speakers
  • 20,000 live webcast viewings expected
  • Number of exhibitors: Over 230

What does it takes to put on a show of this size?

  • Planning team of 30+
  • Working crew of 200
  • 10 months of planning
  • Number of hours required to edit final PPTs – 250 hours
  • Number of total content opportunities (sessions, labs, etc.) – 720
  • Number of PCs deployed throughout TechEd – Close to 2,500
  • Number of HOL machines – 800
  • Number Microsoft Certified Trainers supporting labs – 90
  • Amount of storage used for HOL content – 1TB+
  • Number of Aussies on HOL core team – 4
  • Correct pronunciation of city where labs are tested – “Wall-tham”

Food and edibles:

  • 1,250,000 pieces of "Mikes & Ikes" will be consumed over the course of a week at TechEd 2006
  • 18,750 pounds of salad will be prepared and offered at meals
  • 83,700 ice cream novelty/ fruit and yogurt bars have been ordered for this function
  • 60,000 eggs will be eaten by attendees at breakfast (this is equal to 4,800 dozen cartons of eggs)
  • It will take 4 semis to transport the 150,000 bottles of water consumed at this show
  • The total amount of fruit ordered will fill 3/4 of full size tractor-trailer
  • 1.6 million ounces of coffee will be poured and consumed (conservative estimate)
  • More than 50,000 pounds of carbohydrates will be consumed at TechEd (Atkins who?)
  • 1,500 table cloths will be used and re-set on a daily basis: (7,500 for the week)


At 6:51 PM, Blogger Eric Shurts said...

So, what's the chance of getting a sneak peak at the bags that will be given to all attendees at registration?


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