Tuesday, May 30, 2006

TechEd Worldwide - TechEd Israel

While this blog is primarily focused on the Microsoft U.S. TechEd Event, from time to time, I'll also feature other TechEd events around the world.

This week, let's look at TechEd Israel.

TechEd Israel (linked pages are in Hebrew) took place May 9-11, 2006 in Eilat, Israel.

A sold-out event, TechEd Israel was enjoyed by over 3,000 attendees. Themed "Feel the Beat", TechEd Israel exposed attendees to an innovative, dynamic, and energetic time: great technical learning, networking with peers, and a fantastic beach party were all part of the event.

Congratulations to the TechEd Israel team for such an amazing and successful event!

Feel free to check out the TechEd Israel blog (in Hebrew).

Some pictures from the event:

The Beach Party

The Event:

More photos are available here.

Friday, May 26, 2006

TechEd Factoids

Curious about TechEd and the numbers behind it? Here are some fun facts about TechEd 2006. It really puts into perspective the sheer size of the event and all it takes to bring a successful event like TechEd together.

Expected number of attendees – Over 11,000

Number of sessions:
  • 480 breakouts
  • 300 Chalk Talks
  • 8 Strategic Briefings
  • 115 Hands on Labs
  • 40 Birds of a Feather
  • 450 Speakers
  • 20,000 live webcast viewings expected
  • Number of exhibitors: Over 230

What does it takes to put on a show of this size?

  • Planning team of 30+
  • Working crew of 200
  • 10 months of planning
  • Number of hours required to edit final PPTs – 250 hours
  • Number of total content opportunities (sessions, labs, etc.) – 720
  • Number of PCs deployed throughout TechEd – Close to 2,500
  • Number of HOL machines – 800
  • Number Microsoft Certified Trainers supporting labs – 90
  • Amount of storage used for HOL content – 1TB+
  • Number of Aussies on HOL core team – 4
  • Correct pronunciation of city where labs are tested – “Wall-tham”

Food and edibles:

  • 1,250,000 pieces of "Mikes & Ikes" will be consumed over the course of a week at TechEd 2006
  • 18,750 pounds of salad will be prepared and offered at meals
  • 83,700 ice cream novelty/ fruit and yogurt bars have been ordered for this function
  • 60,000 eggs will be eaten by attendees at breakfast (this is equal to 4,800 dozen cartons of eggs)
  • It will take 4 semis to transport the 150,000 bottles of water consumed at this show
  • The total amount of fruit ordered will fill 3/4 of full size tractor-trailer
  • 1.6 million ounces of coffee will be poured and consumed (conservative estimate)
  • More than 50,000 pounds of carbohydrates will be consumed at TechEd (Atkins who?)
  • 1,500 table cloths will be used and re-set on a daily basis: (7,500 for the week)

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Interviewing TechEd HOL Developers

I'm involved in an exciting project that's debuting in the TLC (Technical Learning Center) at TechEd06. It's a pilot program, designed to give attendees a glimpse into the Hands On Labs before they go through the lab. As an attendee sits down at the HOL area in a particular track, many of the HOLs will have short audio interviews available for attendees to listen to. These will allow the lab developers, in their own words, to communicate what their particular lab is all about.

This has been a great on going process. I've gotten the chance to interview many developers and share in their excitement about the labs they've developed. The time that they've spent on developing quality labs that engage, educate, and excite the user is incredible.

As I continue to interview more lab developers, my excitement over the HOLs and vast amount of technical knowledge that will be communicated at TechEd06 grows. It's really amazing to think that this event gathers the brightest technical minds together, so that they can all connect and discuss current and up-coming Microsoft technology.

If you're coming to TechEd this year, you're in for a real treat. A solid week where you'll get to immerse yourself in people that share your common interests and passion. It'll be a time where you'll learn, connect, and grow, while also enjoying yourself and peers!

TechEd is just two weeks away, see you there!

What’s in the Technical Learning Center? Almost Everything!

One of the big changes at TechEd 2006 is what we’re calling the Technical Learning Center (TLC).

Just what is the TLC? Take a look at the TLC in action.

Or check it out on YouTube

TechEd 2006 Attendee Party – Concert by Train at Fenway Park!

Thursday, June 15
6:30pm – 10:30pm
Fenway Park

This year’s attendee party will feature a live concert by the band, Train, performing just for TechEd 2006 attendees into the stands of historic Fenway Park! Fenway is perhaps the most storied ballpark in the country and is home to the World Series Champion Boston Red Sox! From its opening day on April 9, 1912 to the legendary 2004 postseason games, culminating with an extraordinary World Series win, Fenway has played host to some of Major League Baseball’s most memorable moments for over 90 years.

Throughout the night you can enjoy traditional ballpark food and beverages as you tour the historic park learning facts and trivia from Fenway Tour Guides. Don’t forget to bring your camera! Top tier Red Sox alumni will be on hand to sign autographs, you can take a close-up look at the World Series Trophy and other memorabilia collected through the ages. Batting cages and speed pitch cages will be open if you want to test your skills (all gear provided), you can take a walk up to the top of the famous “Green Monster” or simply sit back and enjoy the beautiful view from one of the upper decks, bars or club lounges - all seating areas will be open for you to enjoy. The highlight of the night will be Train’s private TechEd 2006 concert! Their string of hits includes; “Drops of Jupiter,” “Free,” “Meet Virginia,” “I Am,” “Something More,” “Calling All Angels” and “Ordinary.” For more information on Train, please see their Web site: www.trainline.com.

Shuttle service will be provided between the Conference Center and Fenway Park. Hotels in the Copley Plaza area are within easy walking distance of Fenway, and the T (Transit Subway System) Green Line travels directly to Fenway Station.

Attendee Party Shuttle Schedule
6:00pm – 7:30pm Shuttles from Conference Center and Fenway Park
8:00pm – 10:30pm Shuttles from Fenway Park to the TechEd Hotels

Although TechEd is sold out...

Even if you can’t attend Tech·Ed 2006, there are several other ways to access the content:

Sign up for the Tech·Ed 2007 Guestbook. Put your name on the mailing list for news and information about Tech·Ed 2007 - June 3–8, 2007, in New Orleans – as soon as it is available.

Attend a Pre Conference Seminar. Pre-con Seminars are still available for non-Tech·Ed 2006 attendees. These in-depth seminars are led by industry experts and designed to enhance your Tech·Ed learning experience. Seminars have been carefully chosen to address the most relevant needs that IT Pros and Developers face today.

View sessions by webcast. Tune in June 12-16 as we simulcast live more than 40 of the top sessions and speakers from Tech·Ed 2006 -- free. Also, view our library of more than 100 other live and on-demand webcasts in the Tech·Ed 2006 Webcast Series.

Order the DVD Set. Because Tech·Ed 2006 sold out so early, we've reduced the DVD set price from $495 to $195. The DVD set will include streaming media files of the Tech·Ed 2006 Breakout Sessions, Strategic Briefings and Keynote. You will find additional bonus content, including Hands-on Lab Manuals and related breakout session material.

Attend Tech·Ed 2006 Worldwide. If you're located outside the United States, check here to find the Tech·Ed nearest you. Many international locations still have space open, and U.S. residents are welcome to attend.

What's new at TechEd 2006?

Sunday Night Keynote (7:00 P.M-9:30 P.M.)

  • Ray Ozzie, Cheif Technical Officer
  • Bob Muglia, Senior Vice President, Server and Tools Business
  • Chris Capossela, Corporate Vice President, Information Worker Product Management Group

Technical Learning Centers

  • Integrated learning areas organized by track

13 Core Tracks, 3 Virtual Tracks, 40 BOs

TechEd Connect

  • Online attendee networking tool

Attendee party at Fenway Park!

What is TechEd?

  • Comprehensive technical training.
  • Community resources.
  • A chance to connect with Microsoft partners, industry gurus, and Microsoft experts.
  • An opportunity to evaluate products.
  • Focus on current and near-term technology.
That’s TechEd.

Learn how to build, deploy, secure, and manage solutions using the full range of current and soon-to-be-released Microsoft products.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

TechEd 2006 is now SOLD OUT

Due to overwhelming interest, Tech·Ed 2006 is now sold out.

If you would like to be added to the WAITLIST for Tech·Ed 2006, please click here. If space becomes available, the Registration Team will contact you with instructions on how to complete your registration.

PLEASE NOTE: submitting your information on this waitlist website does not constitute a conference registration or guarantee that you will be able to register.